I firmly believe in the transformative power of positive change and ongoing growth. The belief that we can continuously enhance ourselves and our practices is what drives my passion for assessment and improvement.

My tenure as Co-Chair of the SUNY Council on Assessment was a profound honor, rooted in the understanding that assessment catalyzes reflection, connection, and advancement. Through assessment, we document progress and unearth valuable insights that enable us to work smarter, not harder, and collectively strive towards shared objectives.

Before this role, I had the privilege of serving as the Faculty Council chairperson, an esteemed position bestowed upon me by my esteemed colleagues. Additionally, I currently serve as the Chair of Non-Academic Assessment at C-GCC, where I’ve led a team of dedicated individuals committed to excellence.

My involvement extends beyond my institution; I’ve also served as a board member on the Assessment Network of New York and actively organized SCoA Drive-In events. Moreover, my participation in the SUNY Remote Teaching Institute during the COVID-19 pandemic underscored my commitment to supporting colleagues in navigating unprecedented challenges and ensuring student success.

Join me in embracing the journey of continuous improvement and collective growth. Together, let’s harness the power of assessment to drive positive change and elevate educational experiences for all.

Check out the SUNY Remote Teaching Clinic here:

Assessment Leadership Course

This course builds on the Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment of Learning Outcomes Certificate programs to help participants develop the competencies necessary for leading assessment initiatives on their campuses.

Institutional Effectiveness Certificate Courses

This Certificate program prepares the participants to contribute to institutional level assessment and accreditation committees, assist their institution and respective departments in the assessment of strategic objectives, and be able to advise, assist and instruct others in developing cycles of goal setting, measurement, data collection, process review and evaluation.

Select Leadership Roles

Institutional Effectiveness and Non-Academic Assessment Chair 2011-Present
Columbia-Greene Community College, Hudson, New York

Institutional Effectiveness Course Developer and Instructor 2015-Present
SUNY Center for Professional Development, OPEN SUNY

Co-Developer/ Coordinator of Online Education and Blended Learning Professional Development Training Platform 2016-Present
Columbia-Greene Community College, Hudson, New York

SUNY Council on Assessment 2012-Present
Learn more about my work as Co-Chair of SCoA

Faculty Council, Chair 2013-2016
Columbia-Greene Community College, Hudson, New York

Assessment Network of New York 2011-Present
Online Learning Consortium 2016-Present
American Association of University Women 2015-Present
The College of Saint Rose Alumni Association 2015-Present
Rensselaer County Farm Bureau 2016-Present
National Council for History Education 2012-2014
National Barrel Horse Association 2010-Present
American Quarter Horse Association 2009-Current

Selected Recognitions

Distinguished Faculty Member of the Year Student Service Award Nomination. Excelsior College, 2019-2020.

Excellence in Online Teaching. OPEN SUNY Center for Online Teaching Excellence, April 2017.

President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. Columbia-Greene Community College, May 2015.

Graduate Student Award. The College of Saint Rose, April 2009.

Sister Rosalyn Gilroy History and Political Science Award. The College of Saint Rose, April 2007.