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Meet Dr. Nikki Childrose at Columbia-Greene Community College, where she serves as an Associate Professor of History, Chair of Academic Assessment, and the pioneering Chairperson of Technical Professions. With a rich tapestry of teaching experiences spanning history, political science, philosophy, and college success, Nikki offers a distinctive and interdisciplinary approach to her academic endeavors.

As a trailblazing first-generation college student, Nikki’s journey fuels her dedication as an educator and leader in higher education assessment. Drawing inspiration from her personal background and cherished connections with family and friends, Nikki’s passions extend beyond academia. Her love for animals, reverence for nature, and unwavering commitment to uncovering the narratives woven into history enrich her multifaceted pursuits.

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I have confidence in the power of positive change and continuous improvement. We can always, always improve. When we assess, we document and capture important reflections, make deeper connections, and learn ways to advance. In this way, we can all work smarter and not harder.


Resilience, tenacity, and courage are themes that must be shared with others. As a professor, higher-education assessment leader, and ed-venturer, I enjoy teaching and also learning what others in the field of online instruction, assessment, and institutional effectiveness are doing. I choose to pay this forward by mentoring others.

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