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Nikki Childrose

Welcome to the world of transformative education with Dr. Nikki Childrose. With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Childrose’s journey began as a high school social studies teacher and has since evolved into a visionary leader reshaping educational paradigms through innovative assessment practices and transformative pedagogy.

Currently serving as Associate Professor of History, Technical Professions Division Chair, and Academic Assessment Coordinator at Columbia-Greene Community College, Dr. Childrose is a staunch advocate for student-centered teaching and learning. Her relentless pursuit of excellence has led to the implementation of groundbreaking initiatives to enhance student success through tailored programming.

Beyond the confines of the classroom, Dr. Childrose’s influence extends nationwide. As a member and former chair of the SUNY Council on Assessment and a past board member of ANNY, she continues to mentor educators and shape assessment practices on a larger scale. Her commitment to educational innovation is reflected in her academic achievements. She holds a Ph.D. in Education from Capella University and a Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree from the College of Saint Rose.

Outside of academia, Dr. Childrose advocates for animal welfare, is a dedicated farmer, and is an avid equestrian. Nestled in rural upstate New York, she finds inspiration in the beauty of nature and the bonds she shares with her beloved animals.

Driven by a passion for pushing boundaries and fostering collaboration, Dr. Childrose envisions a future where assessment serves as a catalyst for growth, inclusivity, and innovation in education. Join her in creating meaningful, memorable educational experiences that inspire lifelong learning and transformation.


Ph.D. Professional Studies in Higher Education (2019)
Capella University, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Dissertation: Innovative Teaching Strategies for Social Change in Online Courses at the Community College
President’s List

M.S . Ed. Social Studies Education 7-12 (2009)
The College of Saint Rose, Albany, New York
Final Project: The impacts of involvement in equestrian activities on adolescent girls’ academic performance.

B.A. History and Political Science (2007)
The College of Saint Rose, Albany, New York
Minor: Philosophy
Honors: summa cum laude

Select Publications

Mona and Lisa Come Home, Written by N.C. Childrose 2014
With two calves, Mona and Lisa, about to be auctioned in the farmer’s market, Lela and her dad decided to buy them. Lela Walker, Mona, and Lisa can’t be any happier. They became one family. Now that Mona and Lisa finally have a home, it is their turn to give back the kindness that the little girl Lela and her family gave them. Read on and join the adventures of Lela, Mona, and Lisa in The Farm Family Friends.

Letting Go by Holding on, Hudson Magazine 2016
A few years ago I found myself faced with the ongoing challenge of trying to cook meals that would please the very wise taste-buds of my 91 year old grandfather. Would I undercook the vegetables? Serve too spicy a saute? Might the meat turn out to be cold or tough? How do you actually simmer a roast to perfection? Exactly by what method in the world would I feed my Depression Era grandfather a satisfying and respectable meal

OPEN SUNY Blog: “How Online Teaching Found Me” 2017
Never did I picture myself teaching online. It found me. I have discovered that so many other colleagues have fallen into their practice of teaching. Careers in accounting, biology, nursing, the legal field and our criminal justice system led many of my community college colleagues to find their place in the classroom later in their lives. It suits them well. They share their passion for a field of study and bring real-world expertise and practical knowledge to their students. For me, a career educator, teaching was my passion. To be able to deliver my subject matter, which is global, social and cultural history to the most diverse of students and to many learning styles was my goal

Truth In Teaching, Hudson Magazine 2016
Summertime is a wonderful time for a teacher. Without stating the obvious, the rigid routine of coffee, classes, books, copiers and grading is broken by time to reflect. Teachers ponder new ways to approach their subject area. They invent new lessons and inspire a whole new year of learning that begins when autumn rolls in. As a professor, I worked my way through the ranks from peer tutor, high school teacher, teaching faculty, to professor at the college level. Throughout this beautiful life of teaching and learning, I tend to wish that summer is more productive.